Getting Started

Step 1: Choose your new surface

Wood surfaces
Nothing can match the rich natural look of wood, adding the feel of fine furniture to your kitchen. Smooth and easy to clean, it can be sanded and resealed. The ideal combination of beauty and function, a countertop of hardrock maple or white oak has natural warmth.

Solid surface
Unleash your creative touch with a broad range of textures and colors. Made from Acrylic and Polyester composites that allow virtually invisible transitions between pieces and even into the backsplash. Sinks can be seamlessly integrated. Durable, renewable and non-porous, making maintenance and cleanup easy.

Quartz surfaces
Intriguing allure, unusual depth and brilliance set apart these gorgeous surfaces. Easy to maintain and renowned for superior strength. Made from the same natural components as granite, it has the natural beauty of stone but with a more consistent color and pattern. Non-porous, low in maintenance with many color and texture choices.

Granite slab
Make a statement with the rich veining, shading and colorations of natural stone. Substantial and elegant, with variations that make each slab unique. Strong and durable, resisting scratches and stains. Available in a selection of colors and textures.

Step 2: Select Decorative Touches

Want a contemporary look to go with your gleaming new appliances? A square or round bull nose edge may be perfect.

Going traditional? An elaborate edge can make all the difference.

Of course we do more than just beautiful edges. Choose a sophisticated inlay or other finishing touches.

Our experts will help you make your design statement.

Choose your backsplash for seamless lines or undermount sinks for style and function.

Step 3: Installation

What to do before installers arrive

After you have chosen your countertop material, color, edges, inlays and other features our team will take careful measurements of the space for your countertops, making a template that ensures a perfect fit.

The template is a precise pattern that will guide production of your new countertops. Templating involves precisely measuring your walls and cabinets. It is used to draw your countertop shapes.

Then your custom countertops will be fabricated using our state-of-the-art technology. Finally, our skilled staff will install your new countertops, transforming your home.

Before our crew arrives onsite, we need you to prepare for the visit. Here is a handy checklist to make that easy.

Throughout this process we will keep you informed and answer any questions.

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